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If you have a particular topic or need already in mind, explore the library to access resources and share them with others. Or, click here to take an inventory to guide you to the right resources.

Homeless Youth Resources

For students who have experienced homelessness, applying for financial aid can be confusing and overwhelming. These resources for both students and professionals take the mystery out of applying for and maintaining financial aid. Included on this page is a comprehensive Financial Aid Guide, step-by-step visual guide to the FAFSA/CADAA, and an “After the FAFSA/CADAA” checklist.

Foster Youth Resources

This comprehensive guide for California Foster Youth and adult supporters begins with an explanation of different types of financial aid available, includes helpful tips to completing the FAFSA/CADAA, key steps on what to do after the FAFSA/CADAA to ensure maximum aid awards, and explains how to keep getting financial aid.

Use a College Cost Calculator

uAspire’s College Cost Calculator is a free online tool that helps students decipher and compare financial aid offers. Students can figure out how much they will have to pay, including estimates for indirect expenses and loan repayment, and compare costs between colleges easily. Students create an account and are able to access the information entered at any time.

Share your success!

Check out other success stories and consider documenting your success so others can learn from your work. Start with these questions: what helped you get there? what resources were needed? what advice would you offer a district/school? Start with interviewing a few key people, and share the learning as far and wide as you’re able!