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Everfi: Financial Literacy Lessons

Financial literacy is broad and critically important Everfi offers financial literacy lessons to teach students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime.

College affordability is much more than just FAFSA/CADAA completion during senior year. Given your success in senior year, try adding in college affordability planning content starting as early as 6th grade. Taking a developmental approach and starting these conversations early eliminates confusion and stress for students and their families during senior year.

Share your success!

There are schools who could benefit from your success in engaging families with FAFSA/CADAA completion. Would you be willing to document or present the steps you have taken as a district to establish this level of engagement with your students’ families? Consider these questions: what helped you get there? What resources were needed? What advice would you offer a district/school who is challenged in this area?

Create a communication plan

Begin communicating with students’ families as early in their high school career as possible about postsecondary plans and the associated costs. Some ways in which you can go about this include family newsletters, family financial aid nights (with translators if possible) and offering one on one meetings with parents to focus solely on the college financial aid process.