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If you have a particular topic or need already in mind, explore the library to access resources and share them with others. Or, click here to take an inventory to guide you to the right resources.

Elicit family feedback

Spartanburg Academic Movement heard from their Spanish-speaking families that some undocumented parents were misinformed about their children’s eligibility so they worked with trusted community partners to offer FAFSA completion workshops with translators to ensure that these families were receiving accurate information and adequate support.

Share best practices

If one person is having an issue, it’s likely that another person has faced a similar issue. Holding regular meetings or creating a community of practice allows for collective responsibility in supporting one another and empowers site-level leaders to be equipped to address issues that come their way.  Use NCAN to kick start the conversation.

Invite partners to serve your students

Many are working to serve more students and families, and many postsecondary institutions are looking to strengthen their pipeline to students. Ask around, approach partners, attend open meetings, or volunteer to make presentations. These partners often have staff time, resources, expertise, or ideas to share. For example, these organizations can be pivotal once trained to assist students or to reach families that they serve.