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If you have a particular topic or need already in mind, explore the library to access resources and share them with others. Or, click here to take an inventory to guide you to the right resources.

Start a plan

This document provides suggested outreach activities that can help you plan your communications to students and parents about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) process. It provides information on optimal timing, messaging objectives, target audiences, outreach activities, and resources.

Share your success!

Check out other success stories and consider documenting your success so others can learn from your work. Start with these questions: what helped you get there? what resources were needed? what advice would you offer a district/school? Start with interviewing a few key people, and share the learning as far and wide as you’re able!

Consider a Board policy

Val Verde Unified School District's (VVUSD) policy adding FAFSA/CADAA completion as a graduate requirement. Perhaps it will inspire your district to develop a local policy to ensure all students are completing the FAFSA/CADAA. According to CSAC, 87% of all of their Seniors in the Classes of 2021 and 2022 submitted FAFSA/CADAA compared to 52% of the same years.