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If you have a particular topic or need already in mind, explore the library to access resources and share them with others. Or, click here to take an inventory to guide you to the right resources.

Track your progress

In addition to monitoring data for intervention, the race to Submit dashboard helps monitor your school/district’s progress. What is the cadence that you are monitoring progress? Document progress for year-to-year comparison so that you know at this time last year, we had this percentage of completion, that means we are on track to meet our goal.

Check out Financial Aid Tools

Districts who use receive access to financial aid reporting tools. As a result of their data sharing agreement with CSAC, once students launch their FAFSA or CADAA from the platform, you can track students’ application progress. When you get an account you’ll be able to generate and download reports on students’ application status in PDF, Excel, or CSV format, and this data is refreshed nightly.